The Story of The Roo With A View!
        Robert “Woody” Woodring was a keen and driven businessman with a heart of gold. Hailing from New York he brought his hard working, nose to the grindstone work ethic into every venture he took on. He started his first business at the young age of 13, shining shoes in the square in his neighborhood.  Soon his friends saw his success and wanted in on the business.  Before he knew it Woody had a small shoe shining business of 3-5 boys working with him, and this was only the beginning.
After owning a service station for 20 years in New Jersey, Woody moved to the Gulf Coast in 1986 with his wife Christina and children Melissa and Robert. Looking for a new challenge, Woody put his talents to the restaurant business building “WOODY’s WATERFRONT” restaurant and started his adventure. After two great years he sold the restaurant to a local family whom still operate it today. He opened a service station on with his daughter in Treasure Island, Florida. Here he combined his passion for cars and business and found success in the quaint neighborhood. 

   Woody then took the opportunity to take over a little pub, with his son on Main Street in Bradenton, FL, called “The Lost Kangaroo” in 1994. Through friendly service, great beer and dedication, The Lost Kangaroo has become a favorite among the locals and still to this day is a cornerstone in the downtown bar scene. “Woody” being the entrepreneur he was, continuously was looking for other business opportunities. Along came the sale of a waterfront bar called “The Happy Dolphin”. With the Lost Kangaroo booming, Woody and his family, purchased The Happy Dolphin without hesitation. Deciding on a name he wanted to tie the two businesses together so he named it Woody’s (after his previous restaurant) River (best views of the Manatee River) Roo (kangaroo, tying The Lost Kangaroo in with Woody’s). Woody’s has grown from a 60 seat bar with pool tables to a 300+ seat establishment with 3 bars, private dining areas, docks for boaters, an awesome Live Music venue and the place to bring your out of town visitors or just meet up with friends.

We thank you for taking the time to learn a little about our leader and founder Robert “Woody” Woodring who still watches us all from his pub in the sky with a pint and a smile. Come in for a visit, remember us for a lifetime and see the legacy with an all too fitting name left by the man we adored as “Woody”!