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Chello Hollyday
My name is chello hollyday
Born in the dominican Republic but raised in new york city , I spent my whole life in the music business , at 15 years of age I joined my first group called phase 2 my brother angel was the lead singer of the band and I was the bass player , after phase 2 I joined a professional group called force md’s from Staten Island , i was the musical director at age 19 and I experienced hitting the road for the first time and it was great , I spent 2 years with the force md’s while I was with them terry Lewis and Jimmy jam wrote a number one hit for force md’S, song was called “tender love” , after force md’S I appear on television hit show ,call showtime at the apollo in new york city , I won first place and it was felt amazing , after the apollo show I signed with a independent record company carver entertainment , I had a hit video in Puerto Rico my song was “damelo” it went all the way to number 3 on the count down , I performed with Dmx , and ashanti in Puerto Rico in 2002 , now I performed with my own band chello hollyday in tampa bay area and loving life everyday

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